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Cogenra Solar® - Solar Cogeneration

"According to "Residential Combined Heat and Power," a new study by Pike Research, the market for residential combined heat and power (resCHP) systems – defined as small, distributed energy generation systems that produce electricity for residences while also capturing heat that would otherwise be treated as waste – is still very small, but growing rapidly.

Cogenra is a CPV company at heart (...) but its technology captures the “waste” heat and uses it to produce hot water on its installations.  The company boasts Facebook as one of its first clients.  (...) the company is now looking to use the heat for solar cooling.

«Besides being more efficient than the traditional power grid and easier to build than conventional power stations, resCHP systems have the additional benefit of producing thermal energy that can be used as heat, converted to electricity, or converted to cooling when coupled with an adsorption chiller,» said research director Kerry-Ann Adamson."1   
 Cogenra Solar®'s case studies are also available (link) and here's a video regarding one of those case studies:

 Clover Stornetta Farms in California became the first dairy in the U.S. to generate solar
hot water and electricity using a solar cogeneration system manufactured by Cogenra Solar

1 Renewable Energy World
2 Site da Cogenra Solar®

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