domingo, 3 de março de 2013

Epiphany One Puck uses heat transfer to charge your phone

Retirado do site Kickstarter e falado na imprensa nacional (GreenSavers):

"The Epiphany onE Puck is tiny, lightweight and portable. It can be used in all types of settings when that last battery bar dreadfully disappears…

Say you are out for a night at the bar and your phone battery dies. Rather than awkwardly moving to a corner to plug in your charger, or leaving altogether, you can pull out the Epiphany onE Puck, power it up with that cold beer you’re holding, and charge away!

Your work schedule is unpredictable and always on the-go. The only constant part of your day is the daily hot coffee or tea that keeps you going. Traveling from city to city, or country to country leaves you no time to bother with finding an outlet or adapter to charge your phone, which is bound to power-down sooner or later. The Epiphany onE Puck is the answer to your problem. You can now multi-task to the max! Use that cup of coffee to recharge both you and your smart phone at the same time.

The possibilities for the Epiphany onE Puck are endless. You only live once, and there is simply too much to see and do. Who wants to be bothered with worrying about finding that hidden outlet, plugging in your cord, and recharging? Don’t let your phone battery decide where life will take you next. Leave the power to the Epiphany onE Puck.

Who is Epiphany Labs and what is onE Puck?
Epiphany Labs is a group of technologists and business professionals who have a passion for inventing new technologies and tinkering with existing ones to develop products that create positive changes throughout the world. Through our sister company, Epiphany Solar Water Systems, we have developed a low cost, portable, solar powered, water purification system capable of turning virtually any source of water into clean, drinking water. Although our current project, the Epiphany onE Puck, may seem like a tiny little thing compared to that, the potential of the technology reaches far beyond just charging cell phones. How does the Epiphany onE Puck accomplish this, you may ask? Allow us to explain…

The idea behind the Epiphany onE Puck is to use a stirling engine powered solely by heat disparities, such as a hot or cold drink, a candle, ice, etc. These heat sources will provide enough power to the stirling engine to fully charge your cell phone battery. There's nothing new about Stirling engines - they were invented in the early 1800s - but thanks to modern materials and modern electronics, we are able to put them to use in ways that weren't previously possible.

So, now the new question is, “How can a small device that powers my cell phone change the world?”

Here’s how: Our vision is to take the knowledge and experiences we gain from perfecting the Epiphany onE Puck and move on to build even larger stirling engines that can power even larger appliances and eventually entire households! We'll also use them to enhance the water units that we developed through Epiphany Solar Water Systems, which will increase their water output AND provide electricity to the people we help. That means virtually anyone currently living without access to water or electricity will be able to enjoy these comforts. Why not? Lend a hand! Epiphany's onE vision is to share the lovE: to change our onE world, with onE solution at onE time. We hope that everyonE will join us and believE that together, we can change the world!

There's onE more thing we almost forgot to mention... the team at Epiphany takes what we're doing very seriously, but we also love to have fun while we're at it (after all, what good is a "better" world if we're not smiling more?!) So, just for the fun of it, we're going to add a new short video to this page every few days. Some will be goofy, some will be neat, some will be amazing, but ALL of them will be worth a minute of your time. So please check back often throughout the campaign to see what we're up to. And, if you miss one, you'll be able to view our past videos on our youtube channel at: (...)"

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