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Increasing Biogas in Germany

"March 19, 2013 by Redazione

Italy'd better to do the same

by Mara Martini

Germany, that's among the "number ones" in Europe in developing alternative energies and applied technologies, is now focusing its interest on biogas, which it looks in optimistic way at as the most effective green source in order to reduce the CO2 emissions. (Remind the Union has fixed the 20% level by 2020). Among all biomass energy sources, the biogas – coming out from the anaerobic digestion of trash – is infact the most useful one, and the most respectful towards the environment. Turning part of the fields that compose the widest Germanic plain into plant for biogas would permit to obtain: new clean energies, the thermal one (by means of the combustion in boiler) and electric one (through  cogeneration groups); and more, the Digestate – another “output” of digesters, which represents a very good organic phertylizer for cultivated fields. For completing this virtuous circle, the plant could then be fueled by the energy produced by biogas itself. Other very advantageous externalities deriving from biogas plants could be: creation of new jobs and  revaluation of farmers' estates.

Also Italy – as underlined by the Italian Farmers Confederation – should better to walk the path of biogas, that seems to be for our Country the easier and the less expensive renewable source, to turn green the national energy product. Besides to these reasons, the implementation of biogas plants in Italy would also be a good solution to reduce the energy dependance from other Countries, and answer the biggest request of energy during the winter, without making the bills too heavy.

But, in Italy as in Germany the realization  of new digesters is facing a certain prejudice from the local populations, because of a not very precise - and sometimes completely tendentious – information about the argument, an information that risks to make this thing unpleasant. In order to contrast this danger, the portal Biogas.org has published informative schedules helping to clarify the function of the digesters, and some guide - lines for the owners of the plants, whom the portal also suggests to involve and meet the people living nearby before, during and after the construction of the digesters, explaining all the benefits of those."

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